awesome blossoms medical marijuana dispensary

About Awesome Blossoms

Who are the people who grow and provide such awesome blossoms to the good people of Montana? The team consists of individuals who have been involved with Montana’s longest running dispensaries, with decades of growing experience. The shop stocks over 54 strains, with a minimum of 35 strains in rotation at all times.

If you aren’t able to smoke cannabis, or prefer other methods of administration, Awesome Blossoms also offers tinctures, extracts, and edibles. Looking for some CBD? We have that covered too!

At Awesome Blossoms we take pride in keeping lots of beautiful, local Montana glass in the store. If you are unsure of what type of glass would fit your needs, one of our helpful staff will be happy to assist you in finding that perfect piece.

We have you covered with everything from top shelf medical marijuana to edibles, to cannabis infused salves and massage oil. If you don’t see something, just ask!

Awesome Blossoms is also a platinum supporting member of the Montana Cannabis Industry Association. This is the group that has led the fight to secure legal, safe access to medical marijuana here in Montana.